Features include

  • Boost pedal with +16dB of ultra-transparent level over unity gain
  • Drives your amp into saturation or gives your solos a squeaky-clean level bump
  • Accommodates both line- and instrument-level signals
  • Ultra-linear buffers condition your entire signal path, ensuring optimal input and stable output impedance
  • 1-megohm input buffer compensates for pickup loading
  • 100-ohm output buffer tackles arena-sized cable runs like a champ
  • Converts a noisy passive effects loop into a max-quality, whisper-quiet active loop
  • Insert jack enables volume adjustment via an external volume or expression pedal while keeping your guitar's signal isolated and free of "tone suck"
  • 33% slimmer than its predecessor (Vertex Boost MKI)


  • BOSS FV-30H (accepts "Y" insert cable)
  • BOSS FV-30L (accepts "Y" insert cable)
  • BOSS FV-50L (accepts "Y" insert cable)
  • BOSS FV-50H (accepts "Y" insert cable)
  • BOSS FV-500H (accepts insert "Y" cable or TRS cable)
  • BOSS FV-500L (accepts insert "Y" cable or TRS cable)
  • Dunlop Volume X Pedal DVP8 (accepts "Y" insert cable or TRS cable)
  • Dunlop Volume X Pedal DVP4 (accepts "Y" insert cable or TRS cable)
  • Dunlop DVP1XL Volume Pedal (accepts "Y" insert cable)
  • Ernie Ball 25K Stereo Volume Pedal (accepts "Y" insert cable)
  • Ernie Ball 250K Mono Volume Pedal (accepts "Y" insert cable)
  • Ernie Ball VP JR 25K (accepts "Y" insert cable)
  • Ernie Ball VP JR 250K (accepts "Y" insert cable)
  • Korg EXP-2 Expression Pedal (accepts TRS cable)
  • Korg XVP20 Stereo Volume/Expression Pedal (accepts TRS cable or "Y" insert cable)
  • Lehle Mono or Stereo Volume Pedal (accepts "Y" insert cable)
  • M-Audio EX-P Expression Pedal (hardwired TRS cable included)
  • Moog EP-3 Universal Expression Pedal (accepts TRS cable)
  • Morley M2 Passive Volume Guitar Effects Pedal (accepts "Y" insert cable)
  • Morley M2 Passive Expression Guitar Effects Pedal (accepts TRS cable)
  • Roland EV-5 (hardwired TRS cable included)
  • Visual Sound Visual Volume Pedal (in passive mode — accepts insert "Y" cable)
  • Xotic XVP-250K High Impedance Volume Pedal Pedal (accepts insert "Y" cable)
  • Xotic XVP-25K Low Impedance Volume Pedal Pedal (accepts insert "Y" cable)
  • Yamaha FC-7 (hardwired TRS cable included)

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