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The UAFX Ruby '63 Top Boost Amplifier pedal gives you the quintessential British valve amp beloved by artists and producers for over 60 years, from Queen to U2 to Radiohead. Built on powerful dual-engine processing and UAD modeling expertise, the Ruby '63 effects pedal delivers choirboy cleans, complex overdrive, and classic vibrato.


Universal Audio Ruby '63 Top Boost Amplifier Pedal:

  • Authentic end-to-end replication of one of the most iconic 2 x 12-inch British combo amplifiers of the ’60s
  • 3 separate channels including Brilliant, Normal, and Vibrato to run the tonal gamut
  • Deep, harmonic vibrato available on the Vibrato channel
  • Room knob adds some air and ambiance to your signal
  • Boost control for easy breakup, with unique functions on each amp channel
  • 3 separate speaker/cab/mic options for a wide range of different tonal flavors
  • 3 bonus cabs are provided when registering the Ruby ’63
  • 4-cable mode bypasses your amplifier's preamp when the pedal is engaged, giving you 2 more channels to play with
  • USB-C port for firmware updates
  • Bluetooth-compatible for access to Universal Audio’s UAFX app
  • Save and access presets using the right footswitch

Universal Audio Ruby '63 Top Boost Amplifier Emulation Pedal

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