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Universal Audio Ox Stomp Dynamic Speaker Emulator Stereo Pedal Features:


  • Extraordinarily lifelike cabinet, microphone, and effect modeler, designed to elevate amp-in-a-box pedals and digital amplifier modeling units with perfectly produced tones
  • 22 speaker cabinet simulations, offering some of the iconic cab and speaker combos in guitar history
  • Universal Audio Dynamic Speaker Modeling captures every sonic detail and harmonic nuance of the Ox Stomp’s speaker selection, including speaker breakup, cone cry, and speaker drive
  • 6 precisely modeled vintage microphone emulations supply a studio-grade snapshot of your chosen cab
  • Up to 3 microphones emulations can be dialed in at once: Mic 1, Mic 2, and Room (your room mic selection)
  • UAFX Control app offers a wealth of effects to choose from, including UA 1176 compression, reverb, EQ (including per-mic EQ) stereo delay, mic placement options, and more
  • 6-position Rig knob grants instant access to your favorite cab/mic/effect combinations
  • Second footswitch can be configured to function as a mirror to the A footswitch, effectively giving you 6 unique rigs to choose from
  • Includes 100 expertly curated rig setups for track-ready tones right out of the box
  • Analog dry through to keep your dry signal pure when the effect is disengaged
  • Durable metal enclosure with silent switching
  • USB-C port for easy updates
  • Requires a dedicated 9V DC, center-negative, 400mA power supply (not included)

Universal Audio OX Stomp Dynamic Speaker Emulator Stereo Pedal

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