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Built upon award-winning UAFX dual-engine processing and a burning desire for the ultimate in sonic legitimacy, Max Preamp & Dual Compressor puts the colorful sound of three legendary limiters and an iconic tube preamp, right at your feet.


Three iconic compressors to choose from

The Max has three different compressors to squash your sound, from a stompbox classic to two legendary studio units. The control scheme for the Max will drastically change depending on which model you choose, retaining the workflow and feel of the original model.

  • Dyna: This setting is modeled after one of the most revered guitar compressor pedals, producing a somewhat lo-fi and attitude-filled compression tone. When testing the Max out at Sweetwater, we loved this setting for vibing up a funky rhythm tone or adding a touch of snarl to a crushed country lick.
  • FET 1176: Considering Universal Audio invented the 1176-style compressor way back when, this one’s inclusion is no surprise. However, what is a surprise is how perfectly UA has captured the original’s warm, soulful feel on this compact little pedal. This setting is ideal for giving any source an old-school feel and studio-ready sheen.
  • OPTO LA-2A: If you’re after a soft, warm, and dynamic feel, the OPTO LA-2A setting will surely be your first choice. This mode is based on a classic vintage tube optical compressor, with the addition of Ratio adjustment for enhanced control over the original.


True tube-style preamp tones

Truly a studio-ready setup in a box, the Max’s three compressor models are augmented by a preamp emulation of another Universal Audio classic: the 610 tube preamp. A quick swipe of the Max’s red Preamp knob injects your sound with the rich, lush character of UA’s legendary tube preamp and EQ unit, with a healthy dose of harmonic warmth. It’s an ideal sonic complement to the Max’s trio of retro compressor tones, allowing you to effortlessly call up sought-after studio sounds in history from the comfort of your pedalboard.


Compressor Pedal Features:

  • Stereo dual compressor and preamp pedal with 3 classic compressor emulations and a preamp modeled after the UA 610 tube preamp
  • UAFX dual-engine processing delivers the highest level of sonic authenticity
  • 3 classic compressor models to choose from, including a staple compressor guitar pedal, UA’s own 1176 FET compressor, and an iconic optical tube compressor
  • Preamp knob captures the tube-style warmth and harmonic grit of the UA 610 preamp
  • Dual compressor design, with 2 x 3-way switches to pick any combination of the Max’s 3 compressors to combine
  • Attack, Ratio, Release, and Comp controls, in addition to a 2-way Comp Select switch that allows you to dial in both compressors with a single set of knobs
  • UAFX Control app offers enhanced equalization options, series/parallel operation, sidechain bass filter, and much more
  • Utility features include silent switching and buffered bypass

Universal Audio Max Preamp & Dual Compressor

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