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Strymon UltraViolet Vintage Vibe Chorus and Vibrato Pedal Features:

  • An astonishingly accurate replica of the classic 1960s Uni-Vibe effect, bolstered with drastically enhanced control
  • Chorus mode perfectly captures the thick, pulsing Uni-Vibe haze made famous by guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, and David Gilmour
  • Vibrato mode unlocks a 100% wet effect that goes from a subtle flutter to pitch-shifting madness
  • All-new Blend mode replaces the 50/50 wet/dry split of Chorus mode with a 70/30 split to provide a more subtle and versatile spin on classic Uni-Vibe tones
  • Volume/Intensity/Speed knobs offer far more control than a vintage Uni-Vibe pedal
  • Bias switch sets the center frequency of the effect’s sweep, drastically altering the UltraViolet’s voice
  • Top-mounted TRS stereo input and output jacks and a mono/stereo switch
  • USB-C allows for easy firmware updates
  • Full MIDI implementation, including 300 presets
  • World-class discrete stereo JFET analog input circuit gives you a touch-sensitive feel and crisp response
  • Durable aluminum chassis is more than capable of meeting the trials of the road
  • Expression pedal jack can operate in a variety of different modes, including favorite, tap, MIDI, and an adjustable expression pedal mode




Strymon UltraViolet Vintage Vibe

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