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Sadowsky Satin Series basses are now available with a little something extra!


Exclusively available through NYC Boutique dealers, new Deluxe Satin Series basses are 100% NYC instruments. Built on the same benches and by the same builders, the Deluxe Satin Series instruments offer a premium NYC look at a more attractive starting price.


Each Deluxe Satin Series bass features a beautiful flame maple top. Alder bodies are paired with Rosewood or Morado fingerboards and Ash bodies are paired with Maple fingerboards. Available in vintage tint, caramel sunburst, cherry sunburst and tobacco sunburst.



MODEL5-21 Vintage Satin Deluxe Series

SERIAL #7834

FINISH Vintage Tint

BODY Flamed Maple on Chambered swamp ash

NECK Maple with thin matte nitro finish

FINGERBOARD Maple, 12″ radius, 1.875″ nut width



PICKUPS Sadowsky humcancelling

PREAMPSadowsky preamp with vintage tone control

Sadowsky Deluxe Satin Vintage 5 - Vintage Tint

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