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Your tone in amazing spaces.


Verbs answers an age old question. Would your guitar sound good in the Pantheon of Rome? Or a nuclear reactor hall, a cave, a neolithic tomb, the London Palladium? The answer is yes.


You have 48 presets with different captures to explore. 8 of these can be filled with imported spaces you can capture yourself.


Verbs has zero latency on your dry signal and uses analog dry though, so your dry sound is never converted. As well as unique real spaces, Verbs includes rigorously accurate captures of vintage gear including EMT140 plates, springs, 480L, and an oil can unit.


The tone can be tweaked with the accurate sliders, providing 4096 values per slider. Presets and all values can be changed from MIDI.



Dimensions: 102 mm Width, 112 mm Depth, 40 mm Height (60mm with footswitches).

Power: Requires 9V DC negative center power and consumes 500mA. Do not use more than 9V DC



Pool Of The Blackstar
Spaces famous for their unique audio character, including the longest reverb in the world, a masonic acoustic lens and a sound sculpture.

Capricornia Caves
Caves and cavernous industrial structures, including a nuclear reactor hall, cooling tower and railway tunnels.

Santa Lucia Basilica
Religious buildings including the almost 2000 year old pantheon of Rome.

Echo Plates
Vintage analog reverb plate devices including the famous EMT140.

Analog Devices
Vintage analog reverb spring and oil can devices including amp style and outboard studio gear.

Irregular Verbs
Bubbles, rain and unusual IRs that generate granular sounding textures.

This collection holds imported reverbs and by default includes Maeshowe, a neolithic monument built around 2800 BC. Any of the default reverbs can be found on our website if you save over one that you really like.

Poly Effects Verbs

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