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This Pete Cornish TES Tape Echo Simulator is Floyd in a box. The TES is the result of tireless, one-on-one collaboration between Pete and David Gilmour. The goal? To achieve the smooth, decaying ambiance for which Gilmour is renowned—in a rock-solid box that can withstand road rigors and the test of time. Here's an unusual opportunity to score a used TES in Excellent Plus condition. It's not cheap, but these are quite rare these days.

The TES is built from the ground up to offer a reliable, studio-quality floor-style delay unit that provides the wide bandwidth and stability of digital delay, with the warmth and natural “lo-fi” sound of classic tape and analog units. It all started with Pete's disappointment in the lack of consistency and reliability between tape echos, analog bucket brigade units, rack-mounted digital delays, and stomp box digital delays.

The basis of this unit is the classic Boss DD-2, but rest assured, this is no stock DD-2. With increased delay times of up to 960ms, the sonics are just incredible, rivaling the very best '80s Lexicon and Deltalab delay units. The circuit allows the user to add, at will, the classic gradual roll-off associated with the limited bandwidth of analog and tape units without losing the initial full bandwidth of the original signal/first repeat. The effect is subtle, musical, and oh-so-addictive. Long-sustained notes have a natural tail to them that sound strikingly close to how echo in nature actually sounds. Think playing your guitar and letting it ring through a cavern. Repeats gently lose their high end and the amount of roll-off can be adjusted to the point of "completely worn tape heads," as Pete describes it.

The warmth, clarity, and musicality is easily the best we've ever heard from a delay unit—whether you're running it as a straight digital delay, or at max tape simulation. The proprietary AC power supply ensures that as long as the AC power is within +/- 15 volts of optimum, the delay signal is rock solid in its bandwidth, timing and, most importantly, tone. This Pete Cornish TES Tape Echo Simulator is one of the very best sounding guitar delays ever made. Here's a seldom-had opportunity to get your hands on one with no wait. It shows minimal wear, but otherwise it's in Excellent Plus condition with the original box, documentation (slight damage to the cover page) and AC power cord.

Pete Cornish Effect Pedals - TES Tape Echo Simulator - USED

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