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  • Based on the legendary Pultec® studio EQs of the 1950s

  • Choice of mid boost frequencies

  • Adaptive Cut control responds to volume changes and playing dynamics

  • Transformer-equipped circuitry

  • Valve-like push-pull output stage

  • Ultra-high input impedance

  • High-quality buffered bypass



    The original Pultec® studio EQs are renowned for having some of the most natural and musical EQ curves in existence, so we recreated the behaviour of this timeless, passive EQ and optimised it for electric guitar. To make sure you’re emphasising just the right part of your signal, the M-EQ DRIVER lets you choose between 0.8, 1.0 and 1.3 KCS mid boost frequencies (yes, we even kept the old “Kilocycles Per Second” label – Kilohertz in the present day). 

    Not only does this versatile mid boost guarantee compatibility with all kinds of guitars but, when pushed harder, can elicit a range of saturation from a classic “mid-hump” overdrive to ferocious, resonant distortion tones. Equipped with a transformer, this carefully developed circuit adds harmonic richness, while faithfully recreating the sonic footprint of an original vintage Pultec®. 

    Using the MID knob in conjunction with the DRIVE control lets you balance mid boost with overdrive, giving your clean or overdriven tones as much or as little mid-emphasis as you need. 

    To add something new to this classic design, we have equipped the M-EQ DRIVER with our Adaptive Circuitry, applied to the CUT control. Based on the High Frequency Attenuation band of a Pultec®, the CUT control progressively removes treble as it is increased. With the ADAPT switch engaged, this high-end roll-off is reduced as the pedal cleans up, allowing for a smooth transition from warm overdrive to bright clean tones by adjusting your guitar’s volume knob or playing dynamics.  

  • Premium components throughout

  • Designed and built in England

Origin Effects M-EQ Driver

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