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  11 mono loops and 1 mono-send/stereo-return loop

  Programmable loop order each preset

  3 Buffers, Input, Output and buffer in loop6

  2 internal Volume-controllers

   (Carry-Over routing or Volume Conrol)

  901 preset memory locations

   (180 banks of 5 presets, plus a Global Preset)

  Create up to 900 songs

  Organized the 900 songs in to 64 sets of 120 songs

  4 function switches via 2 TRS jacks

   (Latched / Momentary / Tempo Sync)

  Flexible switch setting

  Mute and Click-Less functions

  ISO OUT to prevent ground noist and phase issue

  16 MIDI messages (PC, CC, Note or SysEx) each preset

  8 MIDI messages (PC, CC, Note or SysEx) each switch

  8 Audio actions each IA switch

  MIDI Time Clock or Alaog Tempo out for TAP-TEMPO

  One expression pedal or 2 foot-switchport port (XPDL)

  Graphic LCD for to show a lot of information

  Easily copy presets, banks, songs and sets

  Easily name presets, songs, sets, pages and switches

  Heavy-duty footswitches

  Powered by 9VDC(center negative) 250mA


Musicom Lab EFX MK-VI

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