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The X3M is a bass like you've never seen before: a huge tonal palette in a 6lbs design that fits inside its hand-carry gig bag. It can be ordered with as many as five different fretted and freless necks: 30", 27", 25.5",  22.75" and 18", each with its own ideal tuning and unique voice. Low-end growl and bark, melodic soloing, crystal clear arpeggio and chords - the X3M has it all.

The X3M can be disassembled in two minutes flat and fits into its airline friendly gig bag. Locked strings and intonation ensure that the Airborne is ready to groove in a blink, as punchy and articulated as every MÜB.


Those who don't travel much can choose to receive it fully assembled in a full size MüB bag.


X3M 6, 30” scale

Ash Body

30” Flat Sawn Maple Neck, 24 frets

Padauk Fingerboard - Upcharge

Matching Padauk Knob - Upcharge

Trans Black stain - Upcharge

Nordstrand Jazz bar 6 p-up Matching Wood Top 

Sadowsky Onboard Preamp

Pearl Face dots - Upcharge

Maurizio Über Basses X3M Custom 30" Ash Body / Sadowsky Pre / Nordstrand PUs

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