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🇮🇹 意大利高級客制結他設備品牌 @jad.freer Pedal Power Supply - Domino ,係市場少數能夠直接為 Neural Quad Cortex 供電並能夠同時應付其他高電流 Pedals 需要嘅 Pedal Power。

⚡️ 每組獨立輸出 9v 1600ma 而且提供 custom voltage (12v, 18v, 15v, 24v ***需要訂制) ⚡️

Jad Freer Domino Flat 型號 (2,3,4,5,6,8,10.12.14)
包括由至少 2 組輸出至 14 組輸出以應付不同 Pedalboard Setup 需要。

Domino Dual (5,7,9,11,13,15)
體積比較少巧嘅Domino Dual 型號 (兩層) 亦能夠提供5-15輸出。


****** 現貨 Domino 6 為 2 組 12v Output (Quad Cortex) + 4組 9V (23x10x4.5cm)*******



DOMINO, the new series of pedal effects power supplies based on the latest technologies to ensure a clean and constant power supply in any situation.

DOMINOS are in fact “power supply containers“, all completely separate from each other and modularly structured to give the user the possibility of complete customization: each output in fact, generated by its own internal power supply, can be dedicated – without problems or compromises – to groups of pedals or to a single pedal that requires special treatments (e.g. voltage other than 9vdc, high current required, positive ground, incompatibility with other pedals, …) making each Domino model unique.

Each group, with its 1600mA @ 9vdc, can safely power the most demanding pedals on the market (see Line 6, Strymon, Eventide, Moog, Zoom, Morley and various synthesizers), without overheating and above all in absolute silence.

The DOMINOs do not emit magnetic fields in the audible band (goodbye dear old 50 / 60Hz), this allows positioning on the pedalboard practically anywhere. They may even act as a mezzanine floor in the most crowded pedalboard or why not, stand side by side with a nice Wah!

The series consists of numerous models, differentiated according to the number of outlets and their arrangement. Currently we have in our catalog models from 2 up to 15 outputs, arranged on one (FLAT) or two rows (DUAL).



Jad Freer Audio Domino 6 Pedal Power - Custom for Neural Quad Cortex

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