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意大利品牌 Jad Freer Audio 最新 Bass Preamp - CAPO ,Multiple Preamp – DI – Saturator – FX Loop。將 Studio Grade Clean Sound,Tube-Amp Tone 同 Heavy Saturation 集於一身,Jad Freer Audio 形容為 “Studio-in-a-box”

擁有四種不同 Preamp Character,而且配置數組 Output (Loop Pre, Loop Post, Preamp DI out, Direct out)。可以配合不同 Routing 需要。

3 組不同 Preamp Character (J Saturator,N Saturator,F Saturator)
• J Saturator: huge bottom, aggressive highs that brings the note attack upfront in the mix
• N Saturator: 50/50 of J Saturator / F Saturator
• F Saturator: sound focused on mid frequencies, more vintage inspired.

FET Preamp - Tube Like tone Preamp

A-Side / B-Side 亦可以隨意選擇 A-B 或 B-A 去配合 Gain Boost 或 Volume Boost 需要。

CAPO Preamp 已經為 Tim Lefebvre 及 Kevin Scott (w/ Jimmy Herring, Wayne Krantz, Gary Husband, John McLaughlin, Forq) 所選用。

Jad Freer Audio CAPO Bass Preamp 已經登陸 Uni•Sound,歡迎查詢/Demo!

Jad Freer Audio - CAPO Multiple Preamp

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