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The Hyper Luminal Compressor features the first hybrid design in a compressor pedal: an analog VCA controlled by a digital side-chain allowed us to capture and include the characters of some of the most legendary compressors in history while keeping the signal path completely analog.


Controls & Highlights

  • BlendMixes the clean and effected signals.
  • RatioAdjusts the amount of compression.
  • TimeSets the time constants (Attack and Release).
  • ModeSelects the unit's Mode (BUS, FET, or SYM)
  • USBA Micro USB B connector allows you to connect the pedal to PC/Mac to set Time settings, parameters, and future firmware upgrades via the Darkglass Suite.
  • OutputSets the overall output volume of the unit.
  • CompressionSets the overall amount of compression. This control also affects the internal makeup gain.

Darkglass Electronics Hyper Luminal Black Limited Edition

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