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"Real Bossa Design" was a small factory, basse played by many well known professional Bassists like Nathan Watts, the bassist of Stevie Wonder band, Matt Ramsey, etc.


Because of the physical health problem, The luthier Toshio Setozaki closed Bossa factory on 2017 and discontinued.


Finish:Transparent Yellow

Body:Swanp Ash

Neck:Quarter-sawn 3psc Maple

Finger board:Maple

Nut Width: 46.5mm (about 1-6/7") Brass nut is awesome choice for this bass !

Hardware & Electronics : Bossa original Electronic with Gotoh reliable hard ware.

Weight: 3.88Kg (about 8lb 86oz)



Tip(paint removed) on top of the head, and small scratch on bottome.

No other visible damage.

We can say that this is the finest condition we ever had.


Truss rod:Functional.

Fret: Almost 100%.

This Bass hasn't been played much.

Hardware:Works & Shining.

9 out of 10 

Bossa OBJ- 5 (Rare & Discontinued)

Out of Stock
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