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Alleva Coppolo LG5 Classic Supreme - One of a kind

Alder Body
Bounded Maple Neck / Matching Headstock
CNL Fingerboard (No more from Jimmy)
Custom Black Metallic Nitro paint job 
Pearloid dots 
Alleva Coppolo Preamp and Pickups
Recessed Strap Lock
Alleva Coppolo branded Protec Contego Gig bag

Condition: Mint

What made this bass special is about the body size and the finish, this is probably the last bass that Jimmy willing to build in downsize body (NYC style) while with all the updated features in his Upland shop, you won't see anything like this or able to request Jimmy to build one like this in foreseeable future.

Second of all, The finish, this is the first black metallic bass finished like this by JImmy's painter, You can see different color under different angle of lighting. Many people wanna order the same color after this build. Painter rejected on doing the same for a long while until recently they agreed to do them just in a batch and it is a final batch, NO same color again, there will be around only 10 basses including this going to look exactly like that.

Third of all, Jimmy don't have any CNL fingerboard offer now, so it is a good chance if you're after a Coppolo with CNL board.

Lastly, a little details Jimmy did on the back plate, there is little cutout near the plate which make it easier to take the plate off.

Extra Black, clear pickguard along with the purchase.


Alleva Coppolo LG5 Classic Supreme - NYC Body - Used

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