The Ultimate Reverb Machine

ILLUMINE packs 20 studio-quality reverbs, 50 presets, MIDI and powerful expression control in a low-power, pedalboard-friendly package with top jacks. Regardless of your instrument or style of music, ILLUMINE has the flexibility and tone you desire. Your creativity is the only limit.


  • Features 
    • 20 stellar stereo reverb effects (with v2 firmware) covers all of your reverb needs.
    • 50 professionally-crafted factory presets for superb tones right out of the box.
    • 50 user presets to customize and save your favorite settings.
    • MIDI input & thru/out. Controller mode replaces a simple MIDI controller.
    • Powerful, flexible expression control engine. Use an external expression pedal or the built-in A/B switch with adjustable transition times.
    • Analog dry signal for low noise and zero latency maintains the integrity of your source tone.
    • Adjustable gain structure works with instrument or line-level inputs.
    • High contrast, wide viewing angle display is easy to read from a distance.
    • Small footprint with top jacks, ILLUMINE is easy to incorporate into your pedalboard.
    • Power with a standard 9V @ 100mA pedal power supply (not included). No need to run a separate power adapter or free up a high-current power port.
    • Manufactured locally in Orange County, California. Family owned and operated, Neunaber Audio is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality audio effects on the market.



Neunaber Audio ILLUMINE Reverb