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Musicom Lab EFX LE II

  4 mono loops and 2 stereo loops, plus 1 volume loop
  Changeable loop order per each preset
  2 Buffers, Input and Movable buffers
  2 internal unity mixers/volume-controllers
   (Parallel, Carry Over routings or Volume Conrol)
  641 preset memory locations
  160 banks of 4 presets, plus a Global Preset
  2 function control switches
   (Latched / Reverse Latched / Momentary / Tempo Sync)
  Mute and Click-Less functions
  Song and Set mode
  Create up to 480 songs
  Organized the 480 songs in to 60 sets of 48 songs
  12 MIDI messages (PC, CC and Note) each preset
  4 MIDI messages (PC, CC and Note) each switch
  4 Audio actions each IA switch
  MIDI Time Clock or Alaog Tempo out for TAP-TEMPO
  One expression pedal port (global / per preset)
  2 lines x 16 characters LCD display with blue backlight
  Easily copy presets, banks, songs and sets
  Easily name presets and songs
  Heavy-duty footswitches
  Powered by 9VDC(center negative) 200mA
  Dimensions : 320(W) x 96(D) x 68(H) mm
12.6(W) x 3.8(D) x 2.7(H) inches
  Weight : 1,130g / 2.5lbs

Musicom Lab EFX-LE II

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