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Super Smooth, Playable, No Compromise High Octave Tones.

The Octaland now features a wide drive control, this allows you to go from almost clean octave tones, to screaming, sustaining lead tones and everything in between. The BLEND control blends between the pure octave tone and a clean or fuzz tone. The blend feature opens up so many possibilities, just add a small amount of high octave to your favorite fuzz or overdrive pedal, this adds extra texture and depth to your tone.  The VOICE control works like a two way tone control, when you roll it backwards it acts like the classic Octaland tone control, turn it clockwise and it changes the voicing of the pedal. The Voice control gives you so many new tones without loosing that classic Octaland tones. The Octaland  also has more output so you can drive those tube amps into breakup 

  • 100% Original Design
  • Voice Control Changes the Character And Shape Of The Octave and Fuzz Tones
  • Blend Control Mixes Between Clean/Fuzz and Octave Sounds
  • Vintage / FullFat / Glass Switch
  • Classic, No Compromise Octaland Tones
  • Beautiful Clear and Extremely Playable High Octave Tone
  • Top Mounted Jacks
  • Carefully Selected And Matched Components
  • True Bypass
  • High Output
  • Internal Switches for Normal or High Drive Settings
  • Internal Bias Control Allows the Adjustment of the Shape of The High Octave
  • Almost Clean Octave Tone At Low Gain Settings
  • Retains The Octave Tone Even At High Gain settings
  • Runs on Battery or Standard 9 Volt DC Jack
  • High Quality Metal Casing
  • Easy To See White Light
  • Built To Last A Lifetime
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

King Tone Guitar The Octaland Mini

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