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The Archer Select is truly the most versatile K style overdrive yet. Featuring the ability to switch between 7 diodes ranging from lowest to highest output using the clipping knob and left footswitch players can create endless combinations of K style tone from boosts to stacked drives and beyond


Featuring the diodes of the Archer, iKon, Jeff Mod Archer and 4 additional diodes including LED the Archer Select will provide endless tonal combinations


In addition to the overdrive section, a D.I. Speaker Simulator based on a British 4X12 cabinet is built in to monitor the OD sound via direct or have the option for direct recordings. The ground switch is added only for this section for a silent setup.



Output: Controls overall volume output

Gain: Controls the amount of gain

DI Output and Speaker Simulation: Provides a direct output with speaker simulation for monitoring or recording

Clipping Switch: Engages your selected clipping diode. When off it defaults to the stock diode

Treble: Controls the high end

Ground Switch: Ground lift for D.I.

Clipping Switch: Allows for 6 additional clipping diode options operated by the “Clipping” foot switch

Clipping Order: OA10 (Right footswitch default), 1N270, 1N695, 1N34A, D9B, D9E, Red LED




J.Rockett Audio Design Archer Select

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