Ultimate Amp in a Box


  • Ampli-Firebox is the world’s first tube amp modeling and cabinet impulse response IR loader in a compact stomp-box
  • Access nine presets instantly using toggle switches – each with their own selectable amp model, custom uploadable cabinet impulse response, and effects settings.
  • Channel switching mode lets you toggle between any two custom presets instantly on the fly via footswitch.
  • Gain and Master control knobs adjust the preamp gain and power amp drive settings just like a physical tube amp.
  • Bass, mids, and treble controls authentically reproduce the tones and (sometimes quirkly) interactions as their physical tube amp counterparts.
  • Presence knob mimics the same brightness control as the feedback circuits found in tube power amps.
  • Overdrive modeler simulates overdrives, fuzz, and clean boost effects.
  • Built in effects including overdrive, delay, reverb, compressor, EQ and gate
  • Dual simultaneous outputs: XLR direct and ¼” outputs.  Choose cabinet modeling on XLR only, ¼” only or both to fit your stage or recording hookup needs.
  • USB connectivity allows deep editing, backup/restore of your presets, footswitch customization, and importing AmpliFire / AmpliFire12 presets via the free Ampli-Firebox Editor software available for Windows and Mac OSX.
  • And, of course, the world renown and patented tube amplifier modeling brought to you by Studio Devil Virtual Tube Amp Technology.
  • Transform your pedal board into a direct/recording solution.
  • Leave the amp at home and go direct with Ampli-Firebox!
  • Preset compatible with AmpliFIRE line of products


Atomic Amplifire Box


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