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Aguilar SL 410x 800-watt Neodymium Bass Cabinet Features:

  • Light weight and compact size for gigging convenience
  • 800-watt RMS power handling to fill a room
  • 4 custom-voiced woofers with neodymium magnets for deep bass and punchy lows
  • Phenolic tweeter adds clarity, attack, and upper harmonics to your tone
  • 12mm plywood cabinet is tuned for powerful low end and tight low mids
  • speakON and dual 1/4" inputs accommodate vintage and modern bass heads
  • Recessed handles and included removable casters for portability
  • Rubber feet provide a stable base for bass gear

Aguilar SL 410x 800W Neo Bass Cabinet, 4 ohms SHOP DEMO

HK$13,600.00 Regular Price
HK$8,500.00Sale Price
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