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Suhr 結他 85折
Strandberg Boden OS 結他 85折
James Tyler USA 現貨結他 85折
James Tyler Japan 現貨結他 9折
Sadowsky Metro,Roscoe,Moollon,Mike Lull ,Suhr 低音結他 85折
Suhr , Nordstrand Pickup 9折
Suhr / Friedman / Morgan Amp 85折
Strymon 效果器 / Voodoo Lab 電源 特價發售

*數量有限 售完即止
*** Uni•Sound 保留修改所有優惠條款及細則或終止推廣之權利而毋須事先通知,如有任何爭議,Uni•Sound 將保留最終決定權
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Store Hours 營業時間 :

星期一 : 休息
星期二/四:中午12:00 - 晚上7:30

星期三: 需要預約
星期五/六:中午12:00 - 晚上8:30
星期日: 中午12:00 - 晚上7:00

如顧客希望於非辦公時間參觀陳列室或商討訂製結他細節,歡迎於辦公時間預約. 謝謝

Monday - Day Off
Tuesday, Thursday - 12:00pm - 07:30pm

Wednesday: Appointment needed.
Friday - Saturday 12:00-08:30pm
Sunday 12:00-07:30pm

If you would like to drop by for a visit or need to discuss about your custom guitar project  during non-office hours.  It would be great if you would call/email in advance to set up an appointment. So, please feel free to contact us during our normal business hours above.

Tel 電話 :
General Enquiry 一般查詢
E-mail 電郵: info@uni-sound.hkmailto:info@uni-sound.hkshapeimage_9_link_0
Showroom Address 陳列室地址 : 
Room 4F, Block B, Tontex Industrial Building, Sheung Hei Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong. 

香港九龍新蒲崗雙喜街 2–4號同德工業大廈B座4樓F室
MTR 地鐵:
Diamond Hill MTR Station A2 Exit (5–10 mins walk) 
鑽石山地鐵站 A2 出口 (步行大概 5- 10 分鐘)
852 - 2320 2680

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